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Flooring Contractor Tipperary

Joe Walsh Flooring is the first flooring contractor in Limerick, Tipperary. It is a family business started in 1968. Today this is a leading provider of flooring solutions in the mid-west region of Ireland.

We are ready to meet our customer needs with a wide selection of flooring, outstanding customer service, skilled contractor’s team with high quality workmanship, competitive pricing. So you can leave laminate flooring installation for professionals. Trust us and we will show you the best performance of our work, where quality meets your personal needs.

Flooring Contractor Tipperary

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is one of the most flexible and durable floor surfaces. This relatively recent invention has gained in popularity due to its easy of installation, low maintenance requirements and long life.

According to the definition laminate is a type of synthetic flooring that is made by fusing several layers of different material together while the heat, pressure or adhesive is used. Laminates are often manufactured to replicate the look of variety of hardwood surfaces.

Flooring Contractor Tipperary gives you durability, stain, water and mould resistance, which means that it can be used in high traffic areas. Please check for the specific characteristics of the laminate material you are purchasing.

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Flooring in Tipperary